Mica Mountain High School opened July 2020 as the Vail School District’s third comprehensive high school with over 500 students  Phase I capacity will be 1200 students.

Mica Mountain’s mission is One Team, One Mission where we are
BOLTS: Building Outstanding Leaders Through Service. 

Our Vision Statement is One Team, One Vision; Mica Mountain builds a foundation for students to have an influence in the world through a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities with an emphasis on Academic Achievement, Leadership, Character Development, and Collaboration.  These elements are woven into all courses and programs at Mica Mountain in order to best prepare students for their adult lives and to maintain high expectations of all stakeholders.  It is the school’s goal that all Thunderbolts are people who not only have the motivation to grow as individuals but, to make each other and the environment better due to their active participation.  

Unique to Mica Mountain is the Staff Guiding Principles, which are specific to the leadership provided by Principal Nemer Hassey.  The motto: One Team, One Focus is followed by the philosophy that staff principles are: to establish TRUST, Mica Mountain staff are CONSISTENT with CARE, which stands for Clarity, Authenticity, Respect, and Empathy.  Together between the students and the staff, BOLTS CARE.  

Establishing a school’s culture is always of the utmost importance, but it is even more so while in the age of COVID-19 and Remote Learning.  The founding principle of Character Development is taking effect through the CharacterStrong program. This encourages self-reflection as well as intentional living.  Academic Achievement is underway as teachers provide synchronous and asynchronous lessons and instruction for students.  There are four founding Advanced Placement courses and one dual enrollment course, with the promise of more being added each year.  The Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are Culinary Arts, Engineering, Welding, Sports Medicine, Early Childhood, Education, Digital Photography Documentary and Business Marketing.

Collaboration Spaces between various departments and disciplines are used daily.  The desire is to have student collaboration as second nature, even within Remote Learning.  Teachers are actively working toward technology integration which supports this founding principle.  Leadership is naturally presenting itself within the current platform as various students, staff, and teachers take the initiative to guide one another through technology, content, and meaningful interactions.  

Thunderbolts, Welcome.  We are Mountain Strong!