MMHS Hybrid Schedule & Opening

We are excited to announce the health metrics surrounding COVID-19 in Pima County are improving! Assuming the metrics continue to improve, we are targeting September 21st as the date when we will move to the next phase of opening schools – the hybrid phase.

The purpose of the hybrid phase is to welcome students on campus, but physically distance as much as possible. Our
goal is to learn the healthy balance which enables students and staff to enjoy school together while continuing to be
safe. During the hybrid phase, there will be two choices for parents.

  1. Hybrid – Partially In-Person/Partially Remote
  2. Brick to Click – Remote Instruction Connected to Mica Mountain High School

    For those wanting and able to return to campus, we will provide a Hybrid Schedule where students will be placed into
    two groups in order to limit the total number of students on campus and in classrooms. We will also continue Remote
    Learning for those students not ready or able to return to campus. The “Brick to Click” Remote Learning schedule will be
    modified slightly to accommodate the Hybrid Schedule but Remote Learners will continue with their class schedule and
    current teachers.
    For the Hybrid Schedule, students with the last name A-K (Group A – “Thunder”) will attend school In-Person on Mondays & Wednesdays.
    Students with the last name L-Z (Group B – “Bolt”) will attend school In-Person on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Students continuing with Remote Learning (Group C – “Mountain”) through the choice of “Brick to Click”, will login on Tuesdays and Thursdays and remotely follow the Bolt Schedule.
    Remote students on the Mountain schedule will log in for the 0, 1-6 normal bell schedule. Additionally, Remote Learning Students (Group C “Mountain”) will also have an opportunity on Fridays to meet remotely with teachers during their office hours.

    Two Options for Learning:
    Option 1: Keep your student enrolled at MMHS and continue with REMOTE LEARNING until you are ready to return
    to In-Person Learning.
    Option 2: Return to the Mica Mountain campus for In-Person Learning and follow the Hybrid Schedule.

Attached are informational forms for Hybrid Learning:

Student COVID Guidelines
Mica Mountain Hybrid Plan
Face Covering Policy
Hybrid Schedule
Bus Transportation- Routes
Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure
Parental Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form– Please fill out the form and send