Mica Mountain Leadership

The class is primarily experience-based and emphasizes the importance of communication, character, personal growth, and building strong relationships and teams. Also covered will be listening skills, synergy, perceptions, conflict styles, personality, and group formation. A variety of initiatives will be used to facilitate the learning of skills and, along with various media, reinforce those skills throughout the semester. Course Learning Targets/Power Standards:

  • Leadership is the skill of influencing others to enthusiastically do your will, for the common good, because of your personal influence.
  • Authority/Influence is a skill-based on serving and sacrificing for others whereas power is an ability based on force, position, status, might etc.
  • Love is not how you feel towards others, but behave towards others by meeting their legitimate needs not wants.
  • You are born with your personality, but you can choose your character daily through the thousands of choices you make daily.
  • Intentions + Actions = Will (which is a choice)

For more information on our Mica Mountain Leadership courses please contact Mrs. Webb or Mr. Arnone