Monday, August 16, 2021

Happy Birthday to the following Thunderbolts that celebrate their birthday today:

Adrian Arellano
O’Shen Green
Jacob Toledo 
Happy Birthday, Bolts!!

The Voice of Mica Mountain Club will be meeting on Tuesday at lunch. We will be discussing upcoming events and how we can help promote Thunderbolt sports and activities. Members, get your food and head over to room 305. And anyone who is interested in joining, feel free to stop by and see what we are all about. We are still taking new members. Any questions see Mr. Penland or Ms. Newman.

Students interested in Racing the Sun or Robotics Club, we will have our first meeting on Wednesday, August 18th at lunch in room 238.  Grab your lunch and come in.

Do you need help with math? Do you like learning from your peers? Mica Mountain’s “A Fraction Ahead” Club can help! Come by room 523 today at lunch and get help with math from students just like you!

Hey, Bolts! The Thunder Awareness Club is a new organization on campus committed to making mental health a priority at Mica Mountain. We strive to be a mental health resource for all Bolt students. We want you to know that you are not alone and currently, we are looking for new members to join our club. If you are interested in supporting the mental health of your peers, please see Mrs. Stickney, Mr. Patterson, or Mr. Penland for more information.

If you are traveling to Italy with Ms. Rivera or just recently signed up for Portugal/Spain there will be a short meeting during lunch on Wednesday in room 501

Portugal and Spain 2023 spring break trip enrollment discount of $200 will expire soon. Bring a friend and stop by Ms. Rivera’s classroom 501 to get more information. Let’s get excited to travel!

The Wall of the future is waiting for you to bring in your acceptance letter or enlistment papers. We want to recognize every senior on our Wall. Bring in you letter as soon as you receive acceptance. We will enter you into a drawing for an iPad and also give you a Bolt card for outstanding achievement.

Students picture days are this week Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th Summit days during your English class!!! 

Seniors!!! Class of 2022 the portrait that will be captured will be your Senior Portrait in the yearbook!! Professional attire is required!! Ladies, please follow the MMHS dress code with professional attire and Gentleman, a tie or bow, and a collared shirt. If you have questions please contact Ms. Mari.

We are Mountain Strong!!!

Have a Tremendous day Thunderbolts!!!