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General Information

Title IX

To report any Title IX concerns, please contact the Title IX Coordinators:

Nemer Hassey, Mica Mountain High School
or Vail Unified School District  at (520) 879-2053

To report any concerns regarding Special Education, please contact the 504 Coordinator:

Vail Unified School District at (520) 879-2053

Civics Exam Requirement

All graduating seniors will be required to pass the United States Civics Exam.

Algebra I/Geometry I

Many students take high school Algebra I or Geometry in middle school. If the student earned a grade of B or higher, that grade is entered on the high school transcript.

Course Offerings

The courses listed within this manual are the projected course offerings. Courses with an enrollment of fewer than twenty-four students may be cancelled. Students should complete their academic planner with desired courses and alternative courses to insure continual progress in case of course cancellations

Classes Failed

If a student fails a class needed for graduation they should contact their counselor for options for making up the class. Students may not be able to repeat a failed class during the regular school schedule due to high enrollment numbers. Summer school, Vail Digital Learning Program and Grad lab are possible options counselors will offer to students who need to make up a credit deficiency.


Students dropping a class after the five-day drop/add period will receive a grade of Withdraw/Failing (W/F), on their transcript. This grade will be reflected in the students overall GPA. Any student who drops a class after the 5-day drop period and receives a W/F on their transcript will be ineligible for extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the semester.


Advanced Placement (AP) – Students can take AP classes to improve their chance of success in college, to become more competitive for college and scholarship selection, and to obtain college credit. All prerequisites must be met prior to enrollment. Students are expected to pay for and take the AP exam. Students are advised to select AP courses carefully. Decisions regarding course offerings are based on enrollment numbers; therefore, students may not drop their AP class once the semester has started. Advanced Placement courses are considered year-long courses. Dropping these courses at semester is discouraged and requests to do so may be denied. Students must be enrolled, complete all coursework, and pass the course with a C or higher to receive AP distinction points. Summer work will be assigned for most courses.

Honors – These courses provide a challenge for students who have reached a high level of competency in a specific subject area. Students should maintain a C or higher to remain in the courses.


Any student that will be submitting courses to the NCAA Eligibility Center should confirm the courses they are taking at Mica Mountain High School meet the required courses approved by the NCAA. If you are unsure if the course you are enrolling in will meet this requirement, consult the NCAA website: or confirm this with your counselor before you enroll in this class.

Pima College Courses

Dual Enrollment – Pima Community College (PCC) may hold classes on Mica Mountain’s campus. These classes are open to any eligible student, and may be used for high school credits with appropriate approvals. Students must follow these steps in order to enroll in these classes:

Admissions – You can apply for admission to PCC at any time during the year. You can apply online (, or in person, admission acceptance may occur on the same day. Assessments: Before you can register, you must take all three free basic skills assessments in reading, writing, and mathematics. All course prerequisites must be met.

Registration – If you are attending PCC for the first time, you are a new student. You will need to register in person. If you have attended PCC within the last three years, you are a continuing student. You may register online, in person, or by MAX 2000 (PCC’s automated telephone registration system). A Tuition Assessment Form must also be filled out and turned in.

Requirements for Graduation

Selection of a graduation plan, the monitoring of course choices, and checking the number of credits accumulated toward graduation are the responsibility of the student and parent.

Subject AreaGraduation RequirementsMinimum Admission Requirements (AZ Universities)Rigorous College Prep Program
English4 credits4 credits4 credits
Math4 credits*4 credits4 credits
Science3 credits3 credits4 credits
Social Studies3.5 credits**2 credits3 credits
Health / MM Leadership***1 credit
Fine Arts or CTE1 credit1 credit1 credit (Fine Arts)
World Language2 credits in the same language4 credits in the same language
Senior Exit Project0.5 credit
Electives5 credits
Civics TestMust pass with a 60%
Total22 credits16 credits23+ credits

* Math courses shall consist of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, (or its equivalent) and an additional course with significant math content as determined by the Governing Board (Governing Body).
**Requirements include 1 credit each of World History, US History, and American Government, and .5 Economics.
***Mica Mountain Leadership is required for all freshmen beginning with the class of 2024. This is an elective credit.

Schedule Changes

At the beginning of each semester there is a 5-day drop/add period. Students may request schedule changes that do not affect their graduation progress. Changes are only made if the counselor determines that the change is feasible for the student and any teachers affected by the change. If a student drops a class after this period, they will receive a withdraw/fail notice on their transcript and will be ineligible for athletics for the remainder of the semester. Schedule changes are not always granted so students should register for classes carefully.


Please note:

  • Refunds must be requested within 3 weeks of dropping a class.
  • All fees are subject to change.
  • Tax Credit fees & contributions cannot be refunded per state law.
  • Activity Fees (per activity): $120
  • Per Student Cap: $300
  • Per Family Cap: $500
Sports$120 (per sport)Activity FeeYes
Fine Arts
Band & Orchestra$120Activity Fee Yes$195
$75Class Fee
Steel Drums$75Activity Fee
Choir$120Activity FeeYes$195
$75Class Fee
Piano Lab$75Class Fee
Drama$120Activity FeeYes$195
$75Class Fee
Visual Arts$25 (per class)Materials Fee
Physical Education$10Class Fee$10
AP Biology$10Materials/Enrichment Lab Fee
Honors Human Anatomy/Physiology$25Materials/Enrichment Lab Fee
Other Fees
Advanced Placement (AP) Tests$94 *Yes
Calculator (TI-84 plus)$100 purchase
$25 rent **
Chromebook Insurance$50 (per school year)Insurance Fee
Grad Lab Credit Recovery$75 (per course)
ID Replacement$5
Intersession Courses$75 (pre course)
Parking Boot Removal$15 ***
Parking Permit Replacements$15
Parking Permits$25
*AP Test fees are subject to change each year. Due date for 20/21 AP Tests is November 1st of each year, per the College Board requirements.
**Students who choose to rent the calculator must return it but can choose to purchase it for an additional $75 at the end of the year.
***Assessed for parking without a permit or illegal parking

Course Descriptions by Subject